1. Molitva for Flute and Piano (1991)
  2. Krugovi Trio for Violin, Cello und Accordion (1994)

World premiere- Thüringer Kammermusiktage, with Ensemble Scintilla Divina

  1. Sonate for Viola and Piano (1995)
  2. Streichquartett (1996)
  3. Tafelmusik: Be-bop und Tan-go for Clarinet, Piano and Percussion (2004)

World premiere – Incontri concert series

  1. musica utopica: Pendulum for two Pianos (2004)

World premiere – Incontri – concert series

  1. Solnce-odno für Streichtrio (2004) World premiere (I Version) with Wieczorek Trio

World premiere (II Version) with Scintilla Divina

  1. Lysis for Harp, Accordion and String Quartet (2005)

commissioned by the ensemble Scintilla Divina

World premiere- Thüringer Kammermusiktage

  1. taos for Clarinet and Accordion (2007)

World premiere- International Summer Academy Goslar 2007, with Duo „Taos“

37.b (3+x) for Saxophone, Double Bass, Piano and Percussion (2007)

Collective-Composition with Sarah Nemtsov and Yaeko Asano, commissioned by the Ensemble adapter,

World premiere- concert series Klagnetz, Berlin

  1. The Butterfly Valley for Violin and any keyboard Instrument (2007)
  2. running thoughts for String Quartet (2008)

World Premiere of 1. Version – January 2010 in Montréal, with Molinari Quartet

  1. Alchemy of Blue für Violine, Violoncello und Klavier (2009)

Commissioned by the Gewandhaus zu Leipzig

World premiere- January 2010 with Ensemble Zephir

36.b Bolero in Dark Red II – Version for Piano and Viola,

World premiere- October 2010- University Oldenburg

40.a Codex Atlanticus 1: Sfumato in Dark Green (a study on perspective) (2010)

for Schalmei und Accordion, world premiere- December 2010 in Bremen, with Ensemble Mixtura

  1. Lights and Darkness for Wind Quintet (2011/12, unfinished)
  2. Patterns of Light and Darkness (2011) for Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Violin und Violoncello
  1. Saturnion (2015) for nine players, commissioned by Kunst und Begegnung Hermannshof e.V.,

World premiere- January 2015 in Hildesheim, with the “Saitensprung”- Ensemble

55a. Momentum…in perpetuum I Version for string quartet (2016) in memoriam Wilhelm Kempff,

composed within the artistic residence in Wilhelm Kempff-Home (Casa Orfeo) in Positano

55.b Momentum…in perpetuum II Version for string quartet and accordion (2016/17)

World premiere within the Festival “Klangbrücken” (27.4.2017), with KNM Quartett

(concert-promoter: Musik21Niedersachsen)