Momentum…in perpetuum

for Version für Streichquartett und Akkordion

Duration 13 min.

2016 - 2017

UA 27.04.2017 | Festival »Klangbrücken« | KNM Quartett (concert-promoter: Musik21Niedersachsen)

»Momentum…in perpetuum« for accordion and string quartet (2016) was composed during my artistic residency at Wilhelm Kempff’s house in Positano.
»Momentum…in perpetuum« is dedicated to the question of Musical time and a kind of musical »eternity«, i.e. possibility to stretch a »beautiful« or »magic« musical moment as long as possible. This also determines an ecstatic character of the work and the repetitive sequences in the instruments, which, however, sound differently each time.

The piece is influenced by the breathtaking beauty of the bay of Positano by day and night.

The work is written in memoriam to Wilhem Kempff. The five-part structure of the work is based on the poems of Giuseppe Ungaretti:

    1. Il Porto Sepolto | Buried Port
    2. Tramonto | Sunset
    3. Universo | Space
    4. Eterno | Eternity
    5. Matina | Morning