Quatre graffitis pour le début du temps

for Saxophone Quartet

Duration 13 min.

commissioned by Quasar Saxophone Quartet


UA 15.4.2022 Montréal, Quasar Saxophone Quartet

I. Ophanim
II. Israfil et Azraël: face à la guerre
III. « O Grave…» (La lumière d’Uriel)
IV. Séraphins

These four »graffiti« are musical illustrations of four angelic creatures from different religions. These angelic figures comment on our time, so to speak, each in its own way, sometimes with comic,-bizarre signals. After all, the Quasar saxophone quartet and I are only painting the colourful graffiti of these angels here, since very few people have ever really seen them (though, nevertheless, hardly anyone doubts their existence!). Thus, the Ophanim (the wheels of God) turn in eternal and ever-changing motion, spreading the joy of the existence of time and space. Israfil (who always keeps his horn ready, to play it again at the end of time), on the other hand, weeps incessantly over the sorrows and wars of the earth, while Azrael compassionately leads young dead souls to „beyond“. Uriel and the Seraphim, on the other hand, shine in the golden-blinding light, holding the wonders of life before our eyes and, in their fiery nature, appear merciful and threatening at the same time.


This work is inspired also by the film Wings of Desire (Der Himmel über Berlin) and the accompanying poetry by Peter Handke. It is dedicated to the Quasar saxophone quartet.