Solo works

Chamber music

Voice and ensemble

Music theatre and opera

Orchestral works

Electronics and mixed media

Choir a cappella



Solo works

  1. Fantasticni komad for piano (1990)
  2. Dva komada for piano (1991)
  3. Variations on a theme by Bartok for Piano (1993)
  1. 15 Gestures for any keyboard instrument (1994)
  1. Two Fragments for Piano (1996)
  1. Tree visions of Pierre Abelar for accordion (2000/2006)

       World premiere of “Paraclet”  (Nr.1) – Gaudeamus Festival in Rotterdam

       World premiere of the whole composition- „Tastenspektakel“

       (State Opera Hanover)

  1. Bolero in Dark Red (2009/2015) for piano and video-projection
  1. Dark Green for accordion solo (2010)
  1. Luminapolis I: 3 Intermezzi for Organ (2011)

        World premiere 2011 in Konzerthaus Bad Pyrmont

  1. Luminapolis II: Amethystpurpur for accordion solo (2011)

        World premiere 2015 in Castle Marienburg, with Mateja Zenzerovic

44.a  Etude for the Beginning of Time I

       for any keyboard instrument (2011) improvisation-sketch

       World premiere- April 2012, International Festival of Contemporary Music Koper (Slovenien)

  1. Patterns of Light and Darkness II for accordion solo (2016)

       World premiere within the Festival “Klangbrücken”, 27.4.2017

  1. The magic formula of dark purple (or: be careful, it could change you if you listen carefully!)

        for any keyboard instrument (2016/17)

        World premiere- September 2017 in Sprengel Museum Hannover,

         concert serie „M’illumino | dal suono“

Chamber Music

  1. Molitva for Flute and Piano (1991)
  1. Krugovi Trio for Violin, Cello und Accordion (1994)

       World premiere- Thüringer Kammermusiktage, with Ensemble Scintilla Divina

  1. Sonate for Viola and Piano (1995)
  1. Streichquartett (1996)
  1. Tafelmusik: Be-bop und Tan-go for Clarinet, Piano and Percussion (2004)

       World premiere – Incontri concert series

  1. musica utopica: Pendulum for two Pianos (2004)

       World premiere – Incontri – concert series

  1. Solnce-odno für Streichtrio (2004) World premiere (I Version) with Wieczorek Trio

       World premiere (II Version) with Scintilla Divina

  1. Lysis for Harp, Accordion and String Quartet (2005)

       commissioned by the ensemble Scintilla Divina

       World premiere- Thüringer Kammermusiktage

  1. taos for Clarinet and Accordion (2007)

       World premiere- International Summer Academy Goslar 2007, with Duo „Taos“

37.b (3+x) for Saxophone, Double Bass, Piano and Percussion (2007)

        Collective-Composition with Sarah Nemtsov and Yaeko Asano, commissioned by the Ensemble adapter,

        World premiere- concert series Klagnetz, Berlin

  1. The Butterfly Valley for Violin and any keyboard Instrument (2007)
  1. running thoughts for String Quartet (2008)

        World Premiere of 1. Version – January 2010 in Montréal, with Molinari Quartet

  1. Alchemy of Blue für Violine, Violoncello und Klavier (2009)

       Commissioned by the Gewandhaus zu Leipzig

       World premiere- January 2010 with Ensemble Zephir

36.b Bolero in Dark Red II – Version for Piano and Viola,

        World premiere- October 2010- University Oldenburg

40.a Codex Atlanticus 1: Sfumato in Dark Green (a study on perspective) (2010)

        for Schalmei und Accordion, world premiere- December 2010 in Bremen, with Ensemble Mixtura

  1. Lights and Darkness for Wind Quintet (2011/12, unfinished)
  1. Patterns of Light and Darkness (2011) for Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Violin und Violoncello
  1. Saturnion (2015) for nine players, commissioned by Kunst und Begegnung Hermannshof e.V.,

       World premiere- January 2015 in Hildesheim, with the “Saitensprung”- Ensemble

55a. Momentum…in perpetuum I Version for string quartet (2016) in memoriam Wilhelm Kempff,

        composed within the artistic residence in Wilhelm Kempff-Home (Casa Orfeo) in Positano

55.b Momentum…in perpetuum II Version for string quartet and accordion (2016/17)

        World premiere within the Festival “Klangbrücken” (27.4.2017), with KNM Quartett

        (concert-promoter: Musik21Niedersachsen)

Voice and Ensemble

  1. Two Songs after poems by R. Tagore for Alto and Piano (Russian) (1994)
  1. Misa Español for female choir and Organ (spanisch) (1997)

       Commissioned by the Choir of the Cathedral St. Nicholas

       World premiere- 1997 in St. Nicholas Cathedral Kiew

  1. Alchimist after R. M. Rilke for Soprano, Antique Cymbals and Piano (2003)

       World premiere- Academy of Arts Berlin, 2003

  1. Thanatology and Ekstasis for Soprano, Speaker (Tape), Flute and Percussion (2009)

        after texts by George Herbert and Snezana Nesic,

        commissioned by the Society for Contemporary Music Hannover (HGNM)

        World premiere- Herrenhausen Galery, April 2010, with Ksenija Lukic (Soprano)

        and das Neue Ensemble Hannover

  1. Phos Hilaron (O Gladsome Light) I und II (2012) for female choir and five players (2012)

       commissioned by the Ensemble Megaphon

       World premiere in Marienwerder Convent, June 2012

  1. b Phos Hilaron (O Gladsome Light) III (2012) for mixed choir and five players (2012)

         commissioned by the ensemble Megaphone; world premiere in Wienhausen Convent, September 2012

       Music Theatre and Opera

  1. Antigone Dramatic Scene for Soprano, Cello, Accordion and Percussion

      after Text by Sophocles, (German) (1999)

      World premiere 1999, commissioned by the ensemble Thet

  1. The Edelweiss Pirates Youth Opera for 8 Soloists and Ensemble 2005/2006

       Libretto Kerstin Weiß (German), commissioned by the Chamber Opera Cologne

       World premiere Köln 2006

  1. Time of Colour Light-Scene for Soprano, 2-10 Players and Video projection (2011)

       after Text by Niki de Saint Phalle,

       World premiere 11.2.2011 Hanover, with Ksenija Lukic (soprano) and ur.werk Ensemble

  1. The Evening Song of Still Standing Times (2012) for Soprano, Actor und five Players,

        after poem by Daniel Charms

       World premiere- February 2013 with ensemble ur.werk, in Klecks Theater, Hannover

  1. The Night Song of Still Standing Times (2012) for Countertenor solo

       after texts by Daniel Charms, Saint John of the Cross and Snezana Nesic

       commissioned by Daniel Gloger and Ernst von Siemens Stiftung

       World premiere- 25. April 2013 in Akademie Schloss Solitude, with Daniel Gloger, Countertenor

  1. Himmelsklavier for prepared Piano (2014)-

         commissioned by the Philharmonie Luxembourg,

         composed for the musical theatre “Lea, Opa und das Himmelsklavier”

         World premiere- November 2014, Philharmonie Luxembourg

  1. The Rain Passed Over (2012/2016) Opera for 2 Sopranos, Baritone, Ensemble and Electronics,

       Libretto- Snezana Nesic und Tobias Ribitzki

      World premiere of the concert version on the 11.03.2017 in Ballhof Theatre (State Opera Hannover),

      with ensemble „Megaphon“ (conductor Sascha Davidovic) and Olivia Stahn (soprano), Sophia Körber

      (soprano) and Daniel Gloger (countertenor/baritone); stage director- Tobias Ribitzki

currently I’m working on:


Eternal Light: musical theatre for Soprano, Baritone, Ensemble, live Electronic und Video projection

Orchestral works

  1. Two Fragments for Orchestra (1996)
  1. Kyrios for Soprano, Tenor, Mixed Choir and Orchestra (1997)
  1. Painting of Light for Cello, Accordion, String Quartet

         and two String groups (2003/2005) world premiere- Incontri- concert series, Hannover

  1. Butterfly Valley- Requiem for Inger Christensen for Violin and Orchester (2008/2009)

       (composed within the scholarship for jung composers of the Ministry for Science and Culture

        of Lower Saxony)

  1. Turquoise (2010) for Chamber Orchestra

54.a  Equilibrion I for Ensemble (2016), world premiere on the 25.04.2017 with ensemble 2E2M

       (conductor Pierre Roullier) in Marcel Landowski-Hall, Paris

54.b  Equilibrion II für Kammerorchester (2016)

Electronics and Mixed Media

  1. Eolus electronic composition (2006)

       Commissioned by the Ministry for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony

       World premiere- Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media

  1. Where is Abel? I music for short film (2008/2009)

        Film director: Mirjana Nesic

  1. Where is Abel? II for Video, Sound Installation and any Wind Instrument (2009)

        World premiere-October 2009, Hannover,  Festival “Tage für Klang und Bewegte Visuelle Kunst”

  1. c Time of Colour II (2009/2010) for any Keyboard Instrument, live Electronics und Video Projection

44.b  Etude for the Beginning of Time II for Accordion and live Electronics (2012/17)

  1. Mirabilia sound installation in memoriam Umberto Eco (2017)

        World premiere- September 2017 in Sprengel Museum Hannover, concert serie „M’illumino | dal suono“

Choir a cappella

13.b The Sacred Chant for male Choir (1997/2008)

  1. O Quam Mirabilis für gemischten Chor (2014)
  1. Rejoice for mixed choir (2012)

        commissioned by the Vocal Ensemble „Lux Aeterna“

        World premiere on the 10.11. 2012 in Hamburg with Vocal Ensemble „Lux Aeterna“


  1. Visions fugitives by Sergei Prokofjew for Chamber Orchestra (1995/97)
  1. Libertango von Astor Piazzolla for Quintet (2003)

       commissioned by the ensemble „Tango Dos y Tres“

       World premiere NDR Hanover (Radio Hanover)

  1. Libertango von Astor Piazzolla for Accordion,

       two prepared Pianos und Celesta (2003)

       commissioned by the State Opera Hanover

        World premiere – Pelikan-Hall Hanover

  1. Variations III von John Cage

      for Tuba, Piano, two Keyboard Instruments ad lib. and Loudspeakers (2007)

      World premiere within the Forum Neue Kammermusik- concert series