1. Fantasticni komad for piano (1990)
  1. Dva komada for piano (1991)
  1. Variations on a theme by Bartok for Piano (1993)
  1. 15 Gestures for any keyboard instrument (1994)
  1. Two Fragments for Piano (1996)
  1. Tree visions of Pierre Abelar for accordion (2000/2006)

World premiere of “Paraclet”  (Nr.1) – Gaudeamus Festival in Rotterdam

World premiere of the whole composition- „Tastenspektakel“ (State Opera Hanover)

  1. Bolero in Dark Red (2009/2015) for piano and video-projection
  1. Dark Green for accordion solo (2010)
  1. Luminapolis I: 3 Intermezzi for Organ (2011)

World premiere 2011 in Konzerthaus Bad Pyrmont

  1. Luminapolis II: Amethystpurpur for accordion solo (2011)

World premiere 2015 in Castle Marienburg, with Mateja Zenzerovic

44.a  Etude for the Beginning of Time I for any keyboard instrument (2011) improvisation-sketch

World premiere- April 2012, International Festival of Contemporary Music Koper (Slovenien)

  1. Patterns of Light and Darkness II for accordion solo (2016)

World premiere within the Festival “Klangbrücken”, 27.4.2017

  1. The magic formula of dark purple (or: be careful, it could change you if you listen carefully!)

for any keyboard instrument (2016/17)

World premiere- September 2017 in Sprengel Museum Hannover, concert serie „M’illumino | dal suono“